Reservation System Email Notifications

Email Notifications

Our online reservation software understands you aren’t always signed in to your ScheduleThing account. That’s why we’ll send you emails with updates on new appointments and cancelations, so that you are always on top of what’s going on with your business without having to be logged in. We also want to save you the hours spent calling customers to confirm appointments!

Email Notification Features:

  • Great For Your Business: Our online scheduling tool conveniently sends you emails when an appointment is made or canceled. If you aren’t signed in to ScheduleThing, you will still be in touch with reservation activity.
  • Great For Your Customer: ScheduleThing’s online reservation system also sends confirmation emails to your customers. They will be reminded of the appointment and you won’t have to make any more confirmation phone calls. You can also use these emails to send instructions on what customers will need for their appointments, or any specifics about cancelation. And best of all, these emails come branded from your company, giving your customers a personal, branded experience.

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