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Scheduling Dashboard

The scheduling dashboard lets you see upcoming appointments and reservations. You can also create new appointments and blackout times manually. The dashboard lets you add resources like employees, equipment, rooms, or vehicles, and define which resources are required for each type of reservation you'd like to offer.


Customer Booking Site

When you create your account, a public customer booking site is automatically created with your own unique URL ( You can customize the look and feel of the site with your own logo and color scheme. You can make your site open to the public, or restrict it only to customers with a password.


Reservation Types

Reservation Types allow you to set the rules for your online appointments and reservations. You decide which resources need to be available in order for each type to be allowed. You can define multiple requirements for each Reservation Type, including optional requirements that give your customers choices when they book online.


Detailed Calendar

The detailed calendar on your dashboard shows you everything there is to know about your upcoming reservations. You can filter the calendar to see reservations for an individual resource or any combination of resources.


iCal Feeds

With automated iCal feeds, you can sync up all of your reservations to your favorite calendar. Works with Outlook, Google Calendar, iPhone, Android, and tons more calendar applications.


Grows With Your Business

You can start using ScheduleThing for free! ScheduleThing lets you have unlimited users and unlimited reservations. You only pay for the number of resources you have. For simple reservations of a single resource like a conference room or clubhouse, ScheduleThing doesn't cost a thing. If you need to add more resources or reservation types, ScheduleThing grows with your business.


Email Notifications

ScheduleThing can send you email when new reservations or cancellations occur. ScheduleThing doesn't require you to be logged in all the time if online booking isn't the core of your business. You'll get email updates when there's new activity through your customer booking site. Your customers will also get confirmation emails so they have a record of their bookings.


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