Industry-Specific Solutions

Customized online booking solutions.

ScheduleThing is powerful and flexible enough to handle booking and scheduling for any industry. But to make setup and maintenance even easier, we've created customized solutions for several specialized industries. These solutions come equipped with some pre-defined resources and reservation types, making it even quicker to get your business online. Each industry solution also comes with customized help resources.

ScheduleThing knows that every business is different. But, every business needs a better way to schedule things. That's why we've created industry-specific solutions for some of the most challenging scheduling problems. Check out our customized applications to see if there's a scheduling and reservations system pre-built for your business.

Here are just a few of the custom scheduling solutions powered by ScheduleThing:


Salons and Stylists

Coming Soon! provides salons and stylists with a simple solution for managing their schedules and taking online appointments. Regardless of the size of your salon, this software makes it easy to schedule cuts and styles, colors, pedicures, manicures, or any other service. Even if your stylists set their own schedules, BookThatLook can handle all of your scheduling needs.


Flight Schools and General Aviation

Coming Soon!

No matter how many planes are in your fleet, or how many pilots need to reserve them makes it easy to manage your business online.


ScheduleThing is the perfect solution for all kinds of businesses. Here are just a few of the businesses and functions that ScheduleThing is designed for: